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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are You a Monster? (Part I)

The given (Christian) name does not include the last (family, or surname) name.

Research seems to indicate that surnames (at least in the English tradition) only came into being when the King's Exchequer wanted to increase revenue because the given names allowed so many "John Henry"s to escape the tax man. So in order to make certain that all the "subjects" were to pay the King , it was decreed that all people were to be given a surname. So some of the "John Henry"s became "Smith", others became "Carpenter", and so on.

Court of Exchequer

Donald Merle (House of Lockwood) has investigated the laws of identification, and reveals how governments re-create their citizens are fictional entities, thereby holding power over them and their destinies. The author observes, in American today (and worldwide) we are taxed, licensed, regulated, monitored, attacked, robbed, jailed and spied on more than at any time in our history. The worst part is that it is all being done to us by the very goverment that claims it was established for our "protection". The fact that nearly all of our rights, privileges, and immunities have been gradually taken away is now self-evident. Freedom and liberty are now nothing more than illusions in our land. That and that a more appropirate name for it would be "The United Slaves of Amerika".

Any American who has gone to great lengths to divorce himself and his assets from the clutches of Big Brother may discover that no matter how resourceful and inventive he has been with his offshore pursuits, his identity, as recorded by the country of birth and/or citizenship, remains his Achilles Heel until he successfully dis-associates himself from his identity as a fictional entity.

The identification of individuals has been with us for centuries. Your identity may represent your position of honor, status or standing among other men and women. You can be self-identified or identified by others. If you are self-identified, it is usually accomplished by reputatin, occupation, noble deeds, character, etc. Being self-identified carries a natural place of honor (or dishonor) among peers. You are either honor, trustworthy, and of good character, or you are not. In other words, the reputatin, honor and identification of a good and lawful man or woman, precedes them. They are known for who they are and what they stand for. This form of identification, at its best, is accomplished by a lot of hard work, and by adhering to the highest standards of ethics and moral character.

ID Card for a United Slave of Amerika

In contrast, you can be identified by others of so-called higher standard (liege lord). To be identified by others doesn't necessarily require adhering to the highest standards of ethics and moral character. When you are identified by another, the one being identified usually loses their own unique identity, and forms an adhesion (and lesser standing) with the one doing the identifying. Identifiers can include: ID cards, brands, tattoos, badges, images, insignia, sealed scrolls, medallions, clothing, titles, etc. A typical example of this is a Mayor of a city appointing a Chief of Police. The one being appointed, Chief of Police, need not be qualified or of good character. The only requirement is that it is within the Mayor's power to do so (for whatever reason).


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