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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Teagle Maneuvers in Russia

Came across an interesting tidbit of information on the Oil Rulers Web site concerning Walter Teagle, the head of Exxon immediately after WWI. Seems that Teagle bought out the Nobel brother's Russian oil venture in Baku for about $11.5 million in 1920. This would lend credence the idea that Standard Oil (i.e., Rockefellers) were keen on acquiring the Baku oil fields, and that they had already been in negotiations with the Lenin regime for these concenssions.

Walter Teagle, head of Exxon and Time Man of the Year (1929)
bought back concessions in Baku from the Nobel brothers in 1920.

Of course, by 1924, Josef Stalin was running the show in Russia, prompting:

  1. Alliance between British and American oil interests, leading to the Red Line Agreement of 1927
  2. Destruction of Germany (i.e., hyperinflation), along with "reconstruction" of Germany as an Anglo-American client state, complete with dictator-to-go Adolf Hitler
  3. Staging a showdown over Stalin's oilfields in the form of WWII, where Anglo-American darling Hitler would charge into Russia and take back the Soviet oil fields for his (ultimately) benefactor Rockefeller.
As history would have it, Hitler wound up printing his own money shortly before the outbreak of hostilities in WWII, prompting London to reverse strategy and take out Hitler first and Stalin later. Also, since Stalin didn't die with WWII, it was decreed that a new Cold War must be waged until the Soviet oil fields can once again come into Standard control.. a Cold War which proved too useful to end even after Rockefeller stooge Khrushchev took power in the 1950s


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