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Friday, March 02, 2007

Are you a Monster? Part III

Fiction in Action

In order to get any government privilege or benefit, you must fl out a form and provide false (or hearsay) information. To emphasize this point, the following true story will be related.

John was stopped by the Highway Patrol for having no license plates on his car. After the stop it was also discovered that John did not have a driver's license either. Attempts to interrogate John proved fruitless to the officer. John remained silent except to answer the officer's questions with questions. Frustrated, the officer arrested John and brought him before the local magistrate (judge) to answer for his terrible crimes.

Before being forced to come before the judge, John managed to get some paperwork from his car. The paperwork consisted of more than one hundred court cites (from the Supreme Court on down) clearly stating that a driver's license was only rquired for commercial activity. That is, the transportation of "persons" and property "for hire" (taxi driver, chauffeur, coachman, etc).

The judge looked at John's paperwork, nodded in agreement, and said "Yes, I understand this" The judge then wadded up all of John's papers into a ball and threw them across the courtroom like a spoiled child. He then pointed his finger at John and said: "I don't care what that says, I say, you must have a driver's license and registration." John looked at the judge "Judge I don't want to offend you or this court," he said, "so exactly what is it that this court wants me to do in order to clear up this matter?" "You man, I want you to get a driver's license and registration," said the Judge. "Fine", said John "Let me understand this: if I apply for a driver's license and registration, will that clear up the matter?" The judge nodded, "Yes it will" "OK Judge" said John. "I'll do what this court orders, provided that I don't have to lie in order to get the license or registration. Scriptures say that I cannot bear false witness." "I never asked you to lie." said the Judge. "You have ten days from today to do what the court ordered you to do."

John went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and proceeded to fill out the required forms. He crossed out "First name", "MI" and "Last Name" and wrote "Given name" and "surname" Then he wrote his name in proper English upper and lower case letters. What's your address? asked the form, "general delivery" wrote John. Social Security number? None. Date of birth? Unknown. Are you a Florida resident? No. Are you a U.S. citizen? No.

Name: men and women do not have a first, middle and last name. They have "given names" and "surnames". Anyone claiming to have first, middle and last name is a legal fiction.

Address: You cannot claim to have a street address that belongs to you. The reason being is that when you move you cannot take the address with you. Therefore the address must belong to someone else. The only address (Post) that you own is "general delivery" general delivery is traditionally vested Right. You can receive "general delivery" wherever you go. The only condition is that you must get off your lazy behind and go to the post office to pick up your "post."

No social security number: Even if you think that you have a social security number, think again. The name on the card is not yours (all capital letters) and the numbers is not yours because you did not create it. You can honestly say before any court that you have never been issued a social security number in your name. Another way to prove that the account is not yours, try closing it; it can't be done. If the account were really yours, there would be no problem closing the account and purging the records (like a bank account or insurnace policy).

Date of birth: unknown; Were you conscious when you were born? How do you know (from first hand knowledge) the date on which you were born? Did your mother tell you this date? Did she ever lie to you? (Easter Bunny? Santa Claus?) How about an alleged Birth Certificate? Were you there when this document was created? Did you sign it? The fact is that your "date of birth" is nothing but "hearsay". Everything is hearsay as it applies to you unless you have first hand knowledge of it.

Not a state resident: Resident of a state; res = thing; ident = identified. A thing identified (no longer a man or woman); does the term "resident" apply to you?

Not a U.S. Citizen: The United States is defined as District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Noterhn Marinas Isalnds. The United States (a corporation) is not the same as the "United States of America" (the fifty states). Claiming to be a U.S. Citizen (voluntarily) makes you a corporate-political "citizen subject" and "person" under the 14th amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.

John completed the application(s) and gave them to a clerk (clone), who promptly told John that his application(s) had been denied. John called the supervisor over and explained his situation. "I have to get a driver's license + registration," he said. "It's a court order." "We'd like to compy, but you are simply not eligible," the supervisor replied. "You are not a Florida resident and you have no social security number. We cannot issue you a license." "I don't tihnk the judge will believe that I tried to get a license." John said. "Will you write a short note to explain why I was denied?" The supervisor agreed and wrote a note explaining the reasons why John was denied. John returned to the court with the note from the DMV and his rejected application forms. "Judge" he said, "I tried my very best to comply with this court's order to get a driver's license and registration and here are the results of my efforts." The judge reviewed the paperwork and said "Fine! That's all I ever asked you do to... Now, get the hell out of my court!"

Scriptures teach us that if your adversaires want you to walk one mile, walk two; and if they want your cloak, give them your tunic as well. Remember, the Law does not require impossibilities. You will find that no matter what your public servants order you to do, tell the truth, and you will simply be ineligible. The law can only mandate performance on artifical entities. If their laws apply to you (man or woman) then they must make a provision to make you eligible (w/o telling a lie, or forcing you into a condition of peonage and involuntarily servitude which is prohibited in all fifty states). Allowing others to identify you can be deadly when claiming your natural Rigths. If you feel that you must carry some form of identification, then create it yourself or have it made to your specifications. Only the "Creator" is above the authority of a natural man. Holy Scriptures make it very clear that you cannot serve God and mammon (two masters).


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