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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Most "Trusted" Name in News

Came across an interesting site (and some articles) that talk a little bit about an alleged media coverup concerning Hurricane Andrew. Truth be told, I really don't know what to believe these days. What I do *know* is that the mainstream media lies routinely and compulsively, on just about any and every subject that passes across their greedy, money-grubbing lips. Yet the scale of some of these allegations is so large that, instead of even trying to pass opinion on what I think about these allegations, I'll just post the material up here, and let the readers decide for themselves.

Do you still believe the lies?

First up is a long, but highly interesting story written by an author who identifies herself as "k.t. Frankovich." An excerpt (chapters 24-28) from her book detailing the Hurricane Andrew disaster, Where Heavens Meet, can be found here:

(PDF File)

Some of the allegations made include:

  • There was a deliberate media coverup to hide the true extent of the damage done by Hurricane Andrew.
  • There was a deliberate attempt to withhold food, water and medical care from survivors for three to four days following the disaster; the allegation is made that elements of the U.S. military were involved in this suppression of food and aid.
  • The military evacuated Homestead AFB before Andrew hit, although no warning was issued to the civilian population.
  • Hurricane Andrew killed at least 10,000 people in south Florida alone.
  • Hurricane Andrew produced top sustained winds of over 350+ mph (on par with an F5 tornado), well in excess of the 214 mph winds reported in the media.
  • Hurricane Andrew cracked the dome of the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant on Biscayne Bay, releasing at least as much radiation into the atmosphere as the atomic bomb over Hiroshima did.
Although I've never met a conspiracy theory I didn't like, some of these allegations seem a bit too tall for even me to believe..... Or, perhaps not. I'm not quite sure what to believe yet. But reviewing the pictures of the devastation left by Hurricane Andrew makes it hard to believe that the storm only killed 23 people, as officially reported in the U.S. media:

Category 5 killer Hurricane Andrew
bearing down on South Florida

Andrew erased entire communities off the map

Debris left by the hurricane

More debris left by the hurricane

Cars were flipped like toys by Andrew

Another community destroyed by Andrew

Trees knocked over, ship thrown out of water

Another boat out of water, alongside
palm trees snapped off like twigs

Cars and boats were lifted up into the air

What was once a marina

Plane thrown into a house

Andrew "lands" at a local hangar

Demolished apartment building

Homestead AFB suffered its fair share of damage

Parts of the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant had
to be demolished after Andrew hit

I suppose the question the reader must ask himself is, could a storm this powerful kill no more than 23 people in its wake (as was reported in the mainstream news)? I don't (currently) have an answer to that question.

And what is perhaps the Greatest Mystery of All concerning Hurricane Andrew? Although heavily defoliated, the famous Coral Castle - built by Edward Leedskalnin in the early 20th century - pulled through Hurricane Andrew without suffering any substantial damage at all(!)

Although defoliated, Coral Castle survived Andrew intact


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