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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese control of US food imports

Red Communist China controls roughly 27% of all U.S. food imports, through one of three channels:
  • Panama Canal
  • Port of Long Beach
  • Direct food exports

Communist China

Not a great place to be in ...

Five Commandments of the Bubble Economy

  1. Get out of real estate
  2. Get out of stocks
  3. Get out of long term, long interest bonds
  4. Get out of adjustable rate loans
  5. Do not depend upon fixed-income pension plans

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mind Boggling Facts about the IRS

  • The Gettysburg Address is 269 words; the Declaration of Independence is 1,337 words; the Holy Bible is ~773,000 words; the Internal Revenue Code has grown from 11,400 words in 1913 to about 7 million words today
  • There are at least 480 different tax forms, each with many pages of instructions
  • Even the easiest form, the 1040E, has 33 pages of instructions, and all in fine print.
  • The IRS sends out 8 billion pages of forms and instructions each year. Laid end to end, they would stretch 28 times around the earth;
  • Nearly 300,000 tress are cut down yearly to produce the paper for all the IRS forms and instructions.
  • American taxpayers spend $200 billion and 5.4 billion hours working to comply with federal taxes each year; more than it takes to produce every car, truck, and van in the United States.
  • The burden of compliance is the equivalent to a staff of 3 million people working full time for a year, just to comply with the taxes on individuals and businesses;
  • The IRS employs 114,000 people, 2x as many as the CIA and 5x as many as the FBI.
  • 60% of taxpayers must hire a professional to get through their own return.
  • Federal income taxes eat up 38.2% of the average family's income; that's more than for food, clothing, and shelter combined.

Chronology of Events for IRS/BATF/SS

  1. FDR rams Federal Alcohol Administration Act through Congress (27 USC, Ch. 8)
  2. Supreme Court strikes down FAA (29 Aug 1935)
  3. Congress amends the Carlisle Act & Moves FAA to Puerto Rico (Carlisle Act)
  4. Congress passes the "Victory Tax" during WWII; tax collected on Form 1040 by Bureau of Internal Revenue, Puerto Rico. They keep sending out 1040s to (1st) federal employees; (2nd) civil servants; (3rd) teachers, etc. (Victory Tax Act)
  5. "BIR" becomes "IRS" by a stroke of a pen from acting Secretary of the Treasury (7/7/53, TO 150-06)
  6. "IRS" is split into two functions: "IRS" and "BATF" by another stroke of the pen from acting Secretary of the Treasury (6/6/72, TO 120-01)
  7. "IRS" administers taxes on alcohol, tobacco & firearms;
  8. "BATF" assess, collects and enforces Taxes on alcohol, tobacco & firearms;
  9. The "IRS" and "BATF" are not separate taxing authorities; they are simply sections of the FAA in Puerto Rico;
  10. The real name of the "IRS/BATF" is the Federal Alcohol Administration of Puerto Rico.

Are You a Monster? (Part II)

The majority of people in the world carry IDs cards issued or granted by others. This allows the issuing agency to create the persona and the lawful standing of the individual carrying the identification. It is an established maxim in Common Law that the "created" can never be greater than the "creator."

Although most people carry ID cards, they have absolutely no foundation in law whatsoever. There is no law written that makes it mandatory for anyone to carry any type of ID.

The only time anyone is required to have ID is to access so-called privileges and benefits granted by the issuing party. If you have no need for special privileges and benefits granted by others, there is no need for an ID card. Bear in mind that the government has nothing to give. It produces nothing. In order to bestow a special privilege or benefit on one person, the government must first take from another. All those who recieve privileges, benefits and handouts from government (money from another, that is not earned) are doing nothing more than robbing their neighbor by legal plunder. No matter what type of ID(s) you carry, one thing is for sure: you did not issue it yourself. You willfully applied for the ID hoping to receive some type of special privilege or benefit granted by the authority.

Rights and Privileges

For clarity it is necessary to define the difference between natural Rights, which are unalienable and not within the power of government to grant, and privileges and benefits, which clearly are. Natural Rights include (but are not limited to) the right to: contract, work, get married, use public roads (liberty of movement), own property, open a business, choose your own destiny, worship, defend yourself, etc. Privileges and benefits may include any activity that gives the beneficiary a special advantage not usually granted to the general public. These special advantages are usually granted by way of a license or permit. A license is defined as "permission given by a competent authority to do something that would otherwise be unlawful." The question is, do you, as most people believe, need permission (license and permit) to contract, work, get married, use the public roads (libetry of movement), own property, open a business, choose their own destiny, worship, defend themselves, etc? The answer is ... you don't. That is unless you voluntarily, by your own free will and volition, apply for, are granted and accept the fictitious privilege or benefit being offered. Thereby placing yourself into a state of "involuntary servitude."

By way of endorsing this fact, the Constitution of the United States of America clearly states that the condition of "involuntary" servitude shall forever be prohibited. The key word here is "involuntary." This means that your natural Rights cannot be converted to privileges (without your consent), and privileges cannot be converted to Rights (without consent of the authority).

From Fact to Fiction

Althugh there are many types of identification, the most common are the driver license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, and employee ID. Lesser forms of ID may be government ID (federal, state, municipal), student cards, credit cards, military discharge/separation, select service registration, union memberships, professional licenses, marriage certificates, baptismal, etc. There are many more. Several peculiar things happen when you voluntarily apply for and accept identifying documents from government or government-created entities. They are:
  1. Name change: your persona changes to a legal fiction with no persona (as a man or woman) standing in judicio (in court) whatsoever. This is accomplished by changing your lawfully "given name" (appellation) to that of a legal fiction. That legal fiction is represented by your name spelled in all capital letters, and may include initials. All government and corporate entities currently issuing ID cards today are legal fictions. They only exist on paper. They do not die (like a man or woman), they live in perpetuity. Therefore, when you are identified by a "legal fiction", you must become a legal fiction as well. Remember the "created" can never be greater than the "creator."
  2. Creates a Nexus: a "nexus" is defined as a connection; tie, link. A connected series or group, a joining, fastening; to bind. That is, a firm legal attachment has been made between you and the issuing party. By carrying a state-issued ID card you are placed "within" the issuing state as a "resident" of the State. Res = thing; ident = identified. A thing identified (no longer a man or woman).
  3. Forms an adhesion contract or agreement: The distinctive feature of an adhesion contract or agreement is that the weaker party has no realistic choice as to the terms. An example of an adhesion contract is when you voluntarily apply for and receive a driver's license. Once the driver's license has been issued, the licensee is legally bound by the vehicle code. You, the applicant have voluntarily converted your right to use the public roads (as a motorist) into a privileged activity (as a driver).
Who is the Boss?

All power rests with the People. After all, it is the People who created government in the first place. Since the "created" cannot be greater than the "creator", it must follow that the government is something less than the "creator" adn must by its very nature be the "creator's" servant. This is true until you voluntarily allow the servant to be your master. Which is what most people have done to themselves. Made public servants their masters. The government cannot do anything for you or against you without your consent. Your consent is either given in writing, by what you say (verbal consent), or by your silence (acquiescence). A maxim of law says: "the law does not require impossibilities." Another maxim is: "where the Laws of Holy Scripture and the laws of man are at variance, the former shall always be obeyed." A maxim of law is something that has been ruled on so many times that it is a firmly established truth, and is no longer up for debate.

More soon..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are You a Monster? (Part I)

The given (Christian) name does not include the last (family, or surname) name.

Research seems to indicate that surnames (at least in the English tradition) only came into being when the King's Exchequer wanted to increase revenue because the given names allowed so many "John Henry"s to escape the tax man. So in order to make certain that all the "subjects" were to pay the King , it was decreed that all people were to be given a surname. So some of the "John Henry"s became "Smith", others became "Carpenter", and so on.

Court of Exchequer

Donald Merle (House of Lockwood) has investigated the laws of identification, and reveals how governments re-create their citizens are fictional entities, thereby holding power over them and their destinies. The author observes, in American today (and worldwide) we are taxed, licensed, regulated, monitored, attacked, robbed, jailed and spied on more than at any time in our history. The worst part is that it is all being done to us by the very goverment that claims it was established for our "protection". The fact that nearly all of our rights, privileges, and immunities have been gradually taken away is now self-evident. Freedom and liberty are now nothing more than illusions in our land. That and that a more appropirate name for it would be "The United Slaves of Amerika".

Any American who has gone to great lengths to divorce himself and his assets from the clutches of Big Brother may discover that no matter how resourceful and inventive he has been with his offshore pursuits, his identity, as recorded by the country of birth and/or citizenship, remains his Achilles Heel until he successfully dis-associates himself from his identity as a fictional entity.

The identification of individuals has been with us for centuries. Your identity may represent your position of honor, status or standing among other men and women. You can be self-identified or identified by others. If you are self-identified, it is usually accomplished by reputatin, occupation, noble deeds, character, etc. Being self-identified carries a natural place of honor (or dishonor) among peers. You are either honor, trustworthy, and of good character, or you are not. In other words, the reputatin, honor and identification of a good and lawful man or woman, precedes them. They are known for who they are and what they stand for. This form of identification, at its best, is accomplished by a lot of hard work, and by adhering to the highest standards of ethics and moral character.

ID Card for a United Slave of Amerika

In contrast, you can be identified by others of so-called higher standard (liege lord). To be identified by others doesn't necessarily require adhering to the highest standards of ethics and moral character. When you are identified by another, the one being identified usually loses their own unique identity, and forms an adhesion (and lesser standing) with the one doing the identifying. Identifiers can include: ID cards, brands, tattoos, badges, images, insignia, sealed scrolls, medallions, clothing, titles, etc. A typical example of this is a Mayor of a city appointing a Chief of Police. The one being appointed, Chief of Police, need not be qualified or of good character. The only requirement is that it is within the Mayor's power to do so (for whatever reason).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Corporate Preatorean Guard

In ancient Rome, the Praetorian Guard were a special force of bodyguards used by Roman Emperors. Before their use by the emperors, they were used by Roman generals as well; their use dates back to at least to the Scipio family in 275 BC. Constantine I dissolved the Guard in the 4th century.

The Praetorian Guard of Emperor Augustus

We have, in recent years, witnessed the rebirth of a new Praetorian Guard, this time wearing three-piece business suits and cloaking their questionable actions behind the corporate veil. Companies supplying military contractors are the third largest contributor to forces in Iraq, behind the U.S. and U.K; proof that private armies are big business.

Blackwater Mercs killed in Fallujah
as part of an intelligence psy-op

The most well-known of the bunch is privately held Blackwater USA, a secretive outfit run by a former Navy SEAL that hires commandos from as far away as Chile, Bosnia and the Philippines, to fight U.S. wars and protect U.S. diplomats. When four of its men lost their lives in an unusually savage attack in the Sunni stronghold of Fallujah three years ago, a spotlight was cast on the nasty business of private security forces. Since then, the attention has receded and the influence of the private merc companies has grown.

As the number of U.S. military personnel has fallen to around 1.5 million lately from around 3 million in 1970, the amount of money spent by the Pentagon on military operations has risen at a 6% annual rate from less than $50 billion to a bit more than $150 billion, adjusted for inflation. Much of the differential is being spent on outsourced services, and that is why independent personnel contractors -- a handful of which are publicly traded -- have become more important than ever.

Old School Contractor Lockheed Martin (LMT)

Old School Contractor General Dynamics (GD)

Among the private mercenary armies, the most notorious is DynCorp International, which has 14,000 people working in 35 countries. DynCorp has been around for five decades, starting as a U.S. Air Force logistics and mission support provider in California, and then progressing through a series of mergers into an international provider of defense and aerospace services. In 2003, the company was acquired by major Pentagon information technology provider Computer Services but then it was, in rapid succession, sold to defense-focused private equity firm Veritas Capital and then spun out as a separate company in an IPO last May.

DynCorp has recently entered into a joint venture in which it is the lead partner, winning a massive $4.6 billion contract to provide translation services in Iraq. Its new Global Linguistics Solutions division, in conjunction with privately held McNeil Technolgies, will be a major contributor to the company's 2008 earnings. The contract is renewable in 20 quarterly installments, and calls for DynCorp to provide 6,000 translations in Iraq and up to 1,000 additional U.S. citizens who speak various Arab and Persian dialects to the U.S. Army and other government agencies.

Other companies in the private, contract army include:

  • Arotech (leading supplier of armor to Israeli Defense Forces)
  • ManTech International (security services to the military in Iraq)
  • KBR, Inc unit of Halliburton
  • Blackwater USA (runs training camps at a 6,000 acre facility in North Carolina)