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Friday, March 30, 2007

Declaration of Interdependence

Earlier I blogged about the Declaration of Interpedence signed by 124 U.S. Congressmen on behalf of the World Affairs Council to strengthen and promote the (treasonous) United Nations. In fact, there was an earlier version of that document produced in 1937 on a national scale amongst the Several States, to consolidate power and control at the federal level during the financial reorganization known to history as the Great Depression.

Quoting from Dan Meador:

The following Declaration of Intergovernmental Dependence was signed in Washington, D.C., by representatives of State and local governments on January 22, 1937. It is published on pages 143 & 144 in The Book of the States, 1937 edition, Volume II. This Declaration of Intergovernmental Dependence, along with versions signed in 1935 and 1976, laid the institutional foundation for what today is formally known as Cooperative Federalism (New York vs. United States, et al (1992) 505 U.S. __, 120 L.Ed.2d 120, 112 S.Ct. 2408), a system that employs a third, hidden government tier as the vehicle by which public servants of all stripes operate outside and beyond powers enumerated in applicable constitutions:

"Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments within the United States of America in Common Council Signed January 22, 1937, at Washington, D.C.

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a nation to repair the fabric which unites its many agencies of government, and to restore the solidarity which is vital to orderly growth, it is the duty of responsible officials to define the need and to find a way to meet it.

A way does not come of itself. The maintenance of just and efficient government is as intricate, as arduous, and as imperative as any human endeavor. One hundred and fifty years ago our forefathers faced their necessity and formed a new union. They found a way.

And from that beginning in 1787 sprang history's finest example of the democratic form of government -- a government dedicated to the preservation of every man's endowment of life, liberty, and happiness.

Inevitable changes have come. The fundamental pattern of states united for the benefit of all the people remains the same as it was when the founding fathers wove it. But the far-flung tapestry of our many governments has stretched so taut that the fabric has weakened. The essential thread of coƶperation too often is lacking.

Now, for the first time since the memorable day when the form of our Constitution was determined, official delegates of the states are gathered together with representatives of their local governments, as good neighbors, seeking to revive the original purpose -- "to form a more perfect union."

It was meant that the states, while creating a nation, should yet preserve their own sovereignties and a maximum of self-government. But now if the claim of states' rights is to prevail, it must be justified by a demonstration of states' competence. When our union was formed, there was no land transportation, nor any remote communication, except by the plodding foot of horse or man. But since that time our society has been revolutionized by the advent of transportation as swift as the wind and of communication more rapid than lightning. Our area has trebled. The number of our people has increased beyond belief.

How have our governments met their mutual problems brought by this modern era?

They have developed a "No Man's Land" of jurisdiction.

In thousands of instances their laws are in conflict, their practices are discordant, their regulations are antagonistic, and their policies are either competitive or repugnant to one another.

In taxation alone, scores of conflicts between federal and state laws exist.

The interstate criminal is a standing headline on Page One of every newspaper.

The forty-eight states pass laws on crime, labor, taxation, relief, corporations, parole, domestic relations, and other questions momentous to our social and economic system, with no thought of harmony. And this discord has been further stitched into our pattern of life by all other agencies possessing the power of legislation.

This is not as it should be.

The trend of federal-state projects, exemplified by social security, demands immediate action if those projects are to succeed completely.

All officials should conduct their own governments properly. But we hold that they must act with earnest regard also to the other units of government. The bonds of good will and the lines of communication which connect our many interdependent governments must be immeasurably strengthened.

Through established agencies of coƶperation, through uniform and reciprocal laws and regulations, through compacts under the Constitution, through informal collaboration, and through all other means possible, our nation, our states, and our localities must fuse their activities with a new fervor of national unity.

We, therefore, as representatives of the officers of government here assembled, do solemnly pledge our loyal efforts to the accomplishment of such purposes.

As our forefathers by the Declaration of Independence affirmed their purpose to improve government for us, so do we by this Declaration of Interdependence affirm our purpose to improve government for our contemporaries and for our posterity."

More information available here:

Declaration of Inter-dependence

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fairfax Resolves

These are the precedents to the Declaration of Independence:

Click here

Read them before you read the Declaration..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tom Valentine + Fort Knox

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Book from the 1920s concerning the eugenics movement that documents what's currently happening..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

McGuffy's Reader

Great source for teaching a kid how to read:

McGuffy's Reader

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Social Security ID

"Social Security was never meant to be a national ID" ..

A common lament from privacy advocates.

In fact, it's a lie, and it's a (telling) symptom of the Orwellian DoubleThink that we Americans have been programmed to live by since we were incarcerated in government training centers from K-12.

Of course SSN was intended to be a national ID(!)

This kind of double-think is second only to the BBC reporter announcing on Sept 11, 2001 that Bldg 7 had collapsed, even though the skyscraper is still looming large behind her:


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Know Your Enemy: Percy Avery Rockefeller

Percy Avery Rockefeller (1878-1934) was the son of William Rockefeller, and his wife Almira Geraldine Goodsell. He attended Yale from 1897 to 1900, where he was also a member of the 1900 class of Skull & Bones.

Percy Avery Rockefeller,
graudated from Yale in 1900

Some of Rockefeller's corporate interests included Atlantic Fruit Company, Anaconda Copper Mining, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Cuba Company, Chile Copper Company, W. A. Harriman & Co, Brown Brothers & Company, New York Edison.

He was married to Isabel Goodrich Stillman, daughter of First National City Bank president James Stillman (now known as Citibank) on April 23, 1901. Their daughter Isabel Stillman (Rockefeller) Lincoln was a bride's maid at the wedding of Dorothy Walker and Prescott Sheldon Bush.

So we have a connection between the Rockefellers and the Bushes..

Prescott Bush: the daughter of Percy A. Rockefeller was
in attendence at Bush's marraige as a bride's maid

Now, what's the connection between this Rockefeller and the Harrimans?

William Rockefeller helped E.H. Harriman acquire a
controlling stake in Union Pacific Railroad

Averell Harriman's father, E.H. Harriman, had arranged to purchase control of Union Pacific Railroad in 1898 using credit arranged and prepared for him by William Rockefeller, father of Percy A. Rockefeller. William Rockefeller was the treasurer of Standard Oil and brother of the founder of the Rockefeller fortune, John D. Rockefeller. William Rockefeller also owned National City Bank (later known as Citibank) together with Texas-based James Stillman. In return for their backing, E.H. Harriman deposited into National City Bank the vast receipts from his railroad lines.

Jacob Schiff, of Kuhn Loeb & Co, also arranged credit for
E.H. Harriman to purchase the Union Pacific Railroad

Credit for the deal was also arranged through Kuhn Loeb & Co's British-affiliated private bankers, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff and Felix Warburg. When E.H. Harriman issued "watered" (i.e., fraudulent) railroad stock, Harriman sold most of the shares through the Kuhn Loeb company.

So here now have a connection between the Rockefellers and the Harrimans..

Know Your Enemy: Wm. Averell Harriman

William Averell Harriman was born in New York City (Nov 15, 1891), the son of rairoad baron Edward Henry Harriman and Mary Williamson Averell, and the brother of E. Roland Harriman (Roland entered Yale in 1913, the same year that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the sitting president, entered Yale). Averell graduated from Yale the same year (1913) that his younger brother (Roland) entered the school. While at Yale, Averell Harriman was a member of Yale's notorious Skull and Bones fraternity.

Averell Harriman graces the
August 2, 1963 cover of Time

Averell Harriman served as US ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1943 to 1946, during which time both Bretton Woods (IMF) and the United Nations were set in motion. Other political posts held by Harriman included:

  • U.S. Secretary of Commerce (under President Truman), where he replaced Herny A. Wallace
  • He was sent to Tehran in July 1951 to mediate between Persia and Britain in the wake of the Persian nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Compay (later known to history as BP, British Petroleum).
  • Harriman served as governor of New York State for one term between 1954 and 1958. He was also a candidate (Democratic) for president of the United States both in 1952 and 1956. In the 56 race, Truman endorsed him, but he lost the nomination to Adlai Stevenson.
  • Harriman was appointed Ambassador at Large in Kennedy administration, a position he held until Nov 1961 (Bay of Pigs?) He was then appointed Assistant Secretary of State for FarEastern Affairs. He remained in that position until April 1963, when he became Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. He continued in that position into the Johnson Administration, until he became Ambassador at Large again, a position he would hold for the remainder of the Johnson administration.
  • Harriman was the chief negotiator (for US) at the Paris peace talks on Vietnam.
Harriamn is also noted for supporting, on behalf of the state department, the coup against Vietnam president Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963.

Globalists Unite! Harriman (center) pictured with
Winston Churchill and Soviet general Vyacheslav
Molotov (Molotov was would later become a founder
of the United Nations)

Harriman is largely the man responsible for starting the Vietnam War.

In 1922, using money from his father, Harriman established W.A. Harriman & Co, a banking business. His brother Roland Harriman joined the business in 1927 and the name was changed to Harriman Brothers. In 1931 they merged with Brown Bros. & Co to create the highly "successful" Brown Brothers Harriman. Notable employees included George Herbert Walked, and his son-in-law Prescott Bush (grandfather of the sitting president).

Yale's Skull and Bones Fraternity

In 1942, the Federal government seized some of Harriman's businesses for Nazi dealings under the Trading with the Enemies Act. Seizures include:
  • Union Banking Corporation (UBC) (for Thyssen and Brown Brother's Harriman)
  • Holland-American Trading Corporation (w/ Harriman)
  • Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation (w/ Harriman)
  • Silesian-American Corporation
Assets were held by the US government for the during of the war, and returned afterwards. UBC was officially dissolved in 1951.

Are you a Monster? (Part IV)

Knowledge (Rightly Applied) is Power

Many people have asked me to detail the steps required to finally become free again. Much prayer and thought has gone into this. It is my conviction that the road to personal freedom can be accomplished in three easy steps:

1) Know and understand exactly who you are. Are you a legal fiction and a franchise to be pillaged and plundered, or a man(woman)? If you are a man, then you must allow the fictional persona to die (your name in all capital letters) and then bury it. Never answer to, or recognize this name again. Any property that you may have recorded or registered w/ your fictional name is subject to attack. Take all steps necessary to transfer your property out of the "fictional name". A good trust is a viable option.

Author's note: All "statutes and codes" (colored law) are applicable to "residents" and "persons" only. That is, artificial entities. Public Law (real Law) is rooted in Holy Scripture and applies to men and women. The legal definition of "resident" was given earlier. The shocker comes when we define the word "person". According to statute and code, a "person" is defined as: corporation, franchise, an individual, and (sometimes) a human being (all being artificial entities). One may argue that they are not a corporation, franchise or individual. But surely one must be a "human being," right? For this answer, let's look to Balentine's Law Dictionary (1930):

human being: see monster

OK, let's see "monster".

monster: a human-being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. "A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be hier to any land."

Remember, Holy Scripture tells us that in the beginning Yahweh (God) created man in his image. He did not create corporations, franchises, individuals, human beings or monsters. These are the creations of the State, created in Satan's image.

2) Know what the law is: One is either under Yahweh's (God's) Laws, which stand as Eternal Truth and can never change, or, one is under the thousands of arbitrary and conflicting man-made laws that can and will change on a political whim. Man's laws are in direct conflict w/ God's Laws. Remember: it is a maxim of law that where the laws of Holy Scripture and the laws of man are at variance, the former shall always be obeyed. The choice is totally yours. The government cannot force you to violate Scriptural Law. That's a fact!

3) Know to whom you belong and serve. Either you belong to and serve the Creator, or you belong to and serve the State. You cannot serve two masters.

Liberty and freedom are won on a personal level. Someone else can't do it for you. You must take steps to gain your own freedom through personal education and action. A famous quote says: "the surest way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." In doing nothing, you will have no cause to complain when evil prevails.

Some Closing Notes

The reader must fully understand the dangers of accepting and using the "fictional name" (name in all capital letters) given as a slave name. To drive the point home so you never forget it, the following questions, answers and explanations are given:

1) Have you ever asked yourself why it is, that you are never allowed to enter a courtroom, as plaintiff or defendent, in "Propria Persona"? Propria Persona (commonly known as "Pro Per") simply means that you are entering the court as the "person in the subject matter." That is, in the flesh, as the man (or woman) named in the plaint: The court may reluctantly allow you to enter the court "Pro Se" (representing the "person in the subject matter"). Or the court will allow an attorney to represent the "person in the subject matter". But never "Pro Per" Why is this?

The reason is because you (the Man) are not the "person in the subject matter". How can a fiction appear in the flesh? The cause of actuion is always against the fiction. This is evident by the way your name is spelled within the court's documentas (in all capital letters). All courts today (in the US) are legal fictions (military courts against civilians) under the Emergency Way Powes Act of March 9, 1933. The courts of today are no longer under the judicial branch of government. They are under the executive branch of government. This is evident by the "gold fringed" flag in every courtroom. A "gold fringed" flag is a military flag (see Title 4, USC 1). The flag serves as notice to all that they are entering a military court. They (the Courts) can only prosecute another legal fiction, except in cases of Common Law crimes such as rape, murder, robbery, and other trespasses.

Defective Service

The trick that the courts use to get you to voluntarily subject yourself to their jurisdiction is by sending out or serving "defective service", "defective warrants", "notices to appear" or similar official sounding papers. "Defective service" smply means that "Due process" of law is not being followed. They are, in all actuality, all invitations.

Defective service (usually associated with victimless crimes) becomes perfected when one answers to the defective service, by voluntarily walking into their court, standing behind the bar, and entering into the "benefits of discussion" with the court. Simply by answering when you name is called is all that it takes.

Military courts do not recognize positive law. Attempting to introduce the Constutition or Holy Scriptures into one of these Admirality courts will swiftly result in being found in "contempt of court". This may be followed by jail time and/or fines.

Due Process of Law

Due process is guaranteed under the Constitution for the united States of America. In order for due process of law to take place, the court must do the following

a) the "person in the subject matter" must be properly named. If you are a Man adn not a legal fiction, this means that your name CANNOT, under any circumstances be spelled in all capital letters or contain initials.

b) the court most issue a summons for your appearance. That summons must be under official court seal and personally signed by the presiding judge (not a court clerk, or worse, w/ no signature which is common).

c) To that summons, must be attached a sworn complaint of a "damaged victim" or "injured party". Without an injured party there can be no crime (tort, trespass). Note: the State cannot claim to be an injured party. The State is a fiction and cannot be damaged. Also, they [the State] have a vested interest in finding you guilty of whatever violation they can dream up to raise revenue, and are therefore biased witnesses against you. The court, the State, and the police all share in the booty (fines, taxes, so-called bail, etc).

d) the summons must then be given to the county sheriff. Then, the sheriff must personally handle and serve the summons upon you.

When all of the above is accomplished, then you MUST appear (you have no choice) or a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

2) You may also ask yourself why it is, that in order to legally change your name, it has to be done through the court system. The reason, is because the name that you are trying to change does not belong to you. It is the name that the system created for you. After all is said and done, you will have accomplished nothing more than getting another "slave name" written in all capital letters. Note: a man's name written in all capital letters is known in closed circles as a "nom de guerre", or war name as translated from its french origins.

Perhaps you may remember the TV-mini-series "Roots" by Alex Haley. The series was about a king from Africa named Kunta Kinte. He was taken captive and brought to America as a slave. His slave master didn't like Kunta Kinte having the name of a king, and was promptly given the name of "Toby" by his new master. This is essentially what has happened to nearly everyone in America. The only difference is that Kunta Kinte did not have a choce. If you have accepted your slave name and carry their ID to confirm it, then it was done so, voluntarily. The fact is, you have the power to change your Lawfully "given" name any time you wish.

Remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it surely must be a duck. If you look, walk adn act as a slave the system will treat you accordingly.

I hope that readers don't think that I am suggesting that they change their lawfully "given name". As Big Brother never uses your lawfully "given name", a name change would never be necessary. Each time someone shoves a piece of paper with your name written in all capital letters under your nose, whistles, bells, sirens, and alarms go off. This paper should be rejected, followed by a firm request to spell your name correctly. But of course, they can't and won't do it. Don't believe it? Try it sometime. The government never does ANYTHING by accident.

The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. What the reader does with this information is purely at the reader's discretion. We encourage all readers to do their own research and reach their own conclusions.

(taken from the musings of Donald Merle, house of Lockwood)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Are you a Monster? Part III

Fiction in Action

In order to get any government privilege or benefit, you must fl out a form and provide false (or hearsay) information. To emphasize this point, the following true story will be related.

John was stopped by the Highway Patrol for having no license plates on his car. After the stop it was also discovered that John did not have a driver's license either. Attempts to interrogate John proved fruitless to the officer. John remained silent except to answer the officer's questions with questions. Frustrated, the officer arrested John and brought him before the local magistrate (judge) to answer for his terrible crimes.

Before being forced to come before the judge, John managed to get some paperwork from his car. The paperwork consisted of more than one hundred court cites (from the Supreme Court on down) clearly stating that a driver's license was only rquired for commercial activity. That is, the transportation of "persons" and property "for hire" (taxi driver, chauffeur, coachman, etc).

The judge looked at John's paperwork, nodded in agreement, and said "Yes, I understand this" The judge then wadded up all of John's papers into a ball and threw them across the courtroom like a spoiled child. He then pointed his finger at John and said: "I don't care what that says, I say, you must have a driver's license and registration." John looked at the judge "Judge I don't want to offend you or this court," he said, "so exactly what is it that this court wants me to do in order to clear up this matter?" "You man, I want you to get a driver's license and registration," said the Judge. "Fine", said John "Let me understand this: if I apply for a driver's license and registration, will that clear up the matter?" The judge nodded, "Yes it will" "OK Judge" said John. "I'll do what this court orders, provided that I don't have to lie in order to get the license or registration. Scriptures say that I cannot bear false witness." "I never asked you to lie." said the Judge. "You have ten days from today to do what the court ordered you to do."

John went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and proceeded to fill out the required forms. He crossed out "First name", "MI" and "Last Name" and wrote "Given name" and "surname" Then he wrote his name in proper English upper and lower case letters. What's your address? asked the form, "general delivery" wrote John. Social Security number? None. Date of birth? Unknown. Are you a Florida resident? No. Are you a U.S. citizen? No.

Name: men and women do not have a first, middle and last name. They have "given names" and "surnames". Anyone claiming to have first, middle and last name is a legal fiction.

Address: You cannot claim to have a street address that belongs to you. The reason being is that when you move you cannot take the address with you. Therefore the address must belong to someone else. The only address (Post) that you own is "general delivery" general delivery is traditionally vested Right. You can receive "general delivery" wherever you go. The only condition is that you must get off your lazy behind and go to the post office to pick up your "post."

No social security number: Even if you think that you have a social security number, think again. The name on the card is not yours (all capital letters) and the numbers is not yours because you did not create it. You can honestly say before any court that you have never been issued a social security number in your name. Another way to prove that the account is not yours, try closing it; it can't be done. If the account were really yours, there would be no problem closing the account and purging the records (like a bank account or insurnace policy).

Date of birth: unknown; Were you conscious when you were born? How do you know (from first hand knowledge) the date on which you were born? Did your mother tell you this date? Did she ever lie to you? (Easter Bunny? Santa Claus?) How about an alleged Birth Certificate? Were you there when this document was created? Did you sign it? The fact is that your "date of birth" is nothing but "hearsay". Everything is hearsay as it applies to you unless you have first hand knowledge of it.

Not a state resident: Resident of a state; res = thing; ident = identified. A thing identified (no longer a man or woman); does the term "resident" apply to you?

Not a U.S. Citizen: The United States is defined as District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Noterhn Marinas Isalnds. The United States (a corporation) is not the same as the "United States of America" (the fifty states). Claiming to be a U.S. Citizen (voluntarily) makes you a corporate-political "citizen subject" and "person" under the 14th amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.

John completed the application(s) and gave them to a clerk (clone), who promptly told John that his application(s) had been denied. John called the supervisor over and explained his situation. "I have to get a driver's license + registration," he said. "It's a court order." "We'd like to compy, but you are simply not eligible," the supervisor replied. "You are not a Florida resident and you have no social security number. We cannot issue you a license." "I don't tihnk the judge will believe that I tried to get a license." John said. "Will you write a short note to explain why I was denied?" The supervisor agreed and wrote a note explaining the reasons why John was denied. John returned to the court with the note from the DMV and his rejected application forms. "Judge" he said, "I tried my very best to comply with this court's order to get a driver's license and registration and here are the results of my efforts." The judge reviewed the paperwork and said "Fine! That's all I ever asked you do to... Now, get the hell out of my court!"

Scriptures teach us that if your adversaires want you to walk one mile, walk two; and if they want your cloak, give them your tunic as well. Remember, the Law does not require impossibilities. You will find that no matter what your public servants order you to do, tell the truth, and you will simply be ineligible. The law can only mandate performance on artifical entities. If their laws apply to you (man or woman) then they must make a provision to make you eligible (w/o telling a lie, or forcing you into a condition of peonage and involuntarily servitude which is prohibited in all fifty states). Allowing others to identify you can be deadly when claiming your natural Rigths. If you feel that you must carry some form of identification, then create it yourself or have it made to your specifications. Only the "Creator" is above the authority of a natural man. Holy Scriptures make it very clear that you cannot serve God and mammon (two masters).

qui non negat fatetur

He who does not deny, admits.

A maxim of a law, and a powerful one. Important to always bear in this in mind when entering into contracts. Another way of putting it: an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce (1 Pet 2:15, Heb. 6:13-15).